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Arena Information

Rochester has 6 indoor ice arenas. Graham Arena has 4 rinks; Graham 1, 2, 3 and 4. Graham Arena is located on the Olmsted County Fairgrounds, Rochester, Minnesota.   The Rochester Recreation Center  has 2 sheets of ice. Most scheduling information refers to these ice rinks as Rec North and Rec South.

Graham Arena Complex

1570 Fairgrounds Avenue SE

Rochester, MN  55904

507-281-6189   /   507-358-8991

Graham Arena Complex Website

Bob Montrose

Graham Arena Manager 507-358-8991

Graham Arena Lost and Found

All hockey equipment including sticks, regardless of value, will be put in the lost and found barrel in the Graham Arena lobby.  Items including phones, jewelry, and wallets will be put on the window ledge of the arena managers office.  We have had hockey items put in offices and never picked up.  We are trying to be very consistent and clear where the items that are left behind will end up.

Please do not bring cell phones and money into the arena unless you keep these items with you and bring them to the bench area when you play.  Graham Arena has been a target for theft of money, cell phones, and other electronics.  

Rochester Recreation Center

21 Elton Hills Dr. NW
Rochester, MN. (507) 328-2500

Ed Staiert

Rochester Recreation Center Arena Manager

Graham Arena Complex Parking

PLEASE ... be aware that cars parked outside of marked parking spaces may be ticketed and/or towed.  There is ample parking available around the arena complex.  The Rochester Police Department will be making an effort to keep the streets and yellow curb areas clear of cars for the safety of all of the users and especially the kids in and around the arenas.  Please consider this to be a courtesy alert and park smart!