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LiveBarn - Streaming RYHA Activities

LiveBarn provides Live & On Demand broadcasting of amateur and youth sporting events. Their patented technology and camera system automatically follow the flow of the game - similar to a traditional television broadcast. LiveBarn currently broadcasts from over 1,000 facilities, including hockey, baseball, soccer and basketball venues. 

Discount Codes

If you use the following discount codes, you will receive a 10% subscription discount:

  • Rec Center:  d550-yq9x
  • Graham Arena:   a851-5ae4


Q:   What if I've already signed up?

A:  You can cancel your subscription and sign up again using the discount codes provided.


Q:  Why are there different codes for the Rochester Arenas?

A:  We would like to know the breakdown of subscriptions since Rec Center is primarily used for Termite events and Graham is used for SuperMite through Bantam.


Q:  Do I only have access to events at the rink where I use their discount code? 

A:  No.  Using either discount code will give you access to not only RYHA events at either Rochester Arena, but also RYHA away games where the rink has LiveBarn installed.


Q:  Will I be able to watch non-RYHA events (High School or Grizzly games)?

A:  No


Q:  Will Tryouts be streamed?

A:  No.  Tryouts are closed to streaming.


Q:  Is there audio/sound?

A:  You will get ambient sound that is picked up where the camera is installed.  Similar to what you would be able to hear in the stands.  You may or may not be able to hear announcements over the AV system.


Q:  Will I see the scoreboard?

A:  Yes, during games a small window will overlay the upper corner of the frame and will always be focused on the scoreboard.