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There are up to 3 fees that a family could be charged based on level and team placement. These fees are:

1. Registration Fee (due at registration and listed below).  If paying online, a credit card processing fee of 2.95% + $1 will be added on.

The following fees are due after teams are formed.

2. Level Fee (listed below based on ice time and the number of scheduled away tournaments, home tournaments are free for RYHA teams).

3. Team Fee (maximum of $100)*

* Your team may participate in additional away tournaments beyond those pre-scheduled. If so, the costs for the tournaments are the responsibility of the team and may be combined with the team fee.

RYHA Registration Fees for 2017-18 Season

Play Level Amount
USA Hockey $50
Bantam $450
PeeWee $325
Squirts $275
Supermites $225
Termites $125
Girls U15 $450
Girls U12 $325
Girls U10 $225

RYHA 2017-18 Level Fee (due after teams are formed)

Play Level Level Fee (Cash/Check)
Bantam A $300
Bantam B1 $150
Bantam B2 $150
PeeWee AA $400
PeeWee A $375
PeeWee B1 $350
PeeWee B2 $50
Squirt A Red $350
Squirt A Black $200
Squirt B $50
Squirt C $0
Girls 12uB1 $325
Girls 10uA $425
Girls 10uB $200
GCL $0