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Kathy Heightland

RYHA Administrator

Phone: 507-280-6086

RYHA Member Meetings

RYHA Member Meetings are held the second Wednesday of the month at the the Centerstone Plaza Hotel Soldiers Field.  Our meetings begin at 8:00pm.  We hope you feel welcome to attend the meeting.  If you would like to be placed on the agenda to discuss a matter, please contact the secretary, Shawn Hookey to arrange this.

Andy Cousin


Phone: 507-254-8653

Thomas Graham

Past President

Phone: (507) 993-7690

Tom Stewart


Phone: 952-221-4692

Shawn Hookey


Phone: 507-398-9538

Greg Anderson


Phone: 507-319-5578

Lorne Hedin

MN Hockey Rep

Phone: 507-286-1240

Doug Zmolek

Hockey Advisory

Phone: 507-287-8633

Rob Cothern

Tournament Director

Phone: 507-272-3415

Aaron Getchell

Mites Unit Representative

Phone: 952-261-9576

Robb Wiedrich

Boys Unit Director

Phone: 507-358-7210

Kasey Cummings

Girls Unit Coordinator

Tim Gerlesberger

Operations Unit Director


Booster Representative

Phone: 507-993-3015

Mark Hickey


Phone: 507-292-0576

Andrew Forliti

Gambling Director

Phone: 507-288-3277